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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The former PEOPLE WARNER typist who descended into the basement of Kooky Uncle Joe's residence will see the light of day as His Omnipotence's spokespoop!

Carney will not hold the type of counselor role to the president that Gibbs has formed over years by serving as a top aide to Obama from the time the president was a state senator in Illinois and all through his run for the White House. But Carney will be given every access he needs to the president and other decision-makers within the White House so he is in position to speak with full authority, a White House official said.

Sure Mac, sure.

Since switching to the other side Carney has gained a reputation among Washington reporters, many of whom he’s known for years, for having a short fuse and being fiercely protective of his boss’ image.

Hey! He might still be fun!

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