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Thursday, January 20, 2011

HENRY HONEST!!!!! has raised a big stink over HOWIE HAIRSHIRT's salary, and TINA!!!!! insists he isn't making $600,000 a year. Problem is, we believe it. If anything, we believe it could be low. We believe it because TINA!!!!! and HUFF 'n' PUFF are making the same mistake as other BIGMEDIA: They think by paying huge and unjustified salaries to name-brand talent they "build" their "BRANDS". To the public the brand names are more like Brand X. And HOWIE was a figure of the most malicious fun long before he left The Daily Kaplan. We can't vouch for the other names but plainly any BLOG that can relocate to a hot, sexy building named for a toy company (!) in a hot, sexy Manhattan neighborhood has VC money to spend. Once more we learn few things are more opaque than brand-name Web sites' finances. This gravy train can't choo-choo forever.

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