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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How bone-wearying to forever hear our age is "important". These sudden whines that the SOTU is a PITA (pardon my acronym) merely say hacks always juice up this puppet show and now they've been caught with their hands in the puppets. And of course it MUST come the same day as the Os-CARRRRRRRRRRRRĀ®! nominations, a self-important act pimping self-important films for self-important awards. That an animated cartoon's been nominated for BEST PIC-TYURE says how trivial the gag is. And that monument to the ages the SUPER BOWL!!!!! is less than two weeks away. And to top it off we get this piece yelling practically all the "coverage" of the Tucson catastrophe wasn't news. This is like complaining that Coke has high-fructose corn syrup. What can one expect when the news biz' m. o. is SCRIBBLE -- and MORE SCRIBBLE?

Our alleged civilization faces an existential crisis -- and we know this because the principal mental state of our time is ennui. When "important" things happen they tend to be largely photogenic or anti-climax. Even Communism's downfall two decades back seems a historical pittance as it merely led the oppressed nations into a clique that justifies itself by spending and spending. If life is consumerism what is its purpose?

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