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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


That's the title of a 1937 Rodgers-and-Hart musical starring George M. Cohan as FDR. (Cohan hated FDR, and staged some insubordination toward the authors -- which helped the box office.) It's also BIGMEDIA's motto, as one can too plainly see in these two exasperating stories. "I'd rather be right" means not producing for a general audience because I'D RATHER BE RIGHT!!!!! It means being an effete snob for a cause. It means doing something that gives your ENEMIES heartburn and puts a halo over your head. HARVEY WHINER wanted His hero-future king to utter 500 F-words in an egregious scene rather than edit His film for an wider crowd and now this idiot wants to do that? Of course SUMNER would rather make a scene than make profits, especially if it helps Him live to be 300; He was as surely responsible for this maddening publicity stunt as the one at the Super Bowl. "I'D RATHER BE RIGHT!!!!!" is a big reason our culture stinks. Or to put it another way our media masters' hatred for us is incandescent with their self-esteem, and we should return the favor clicking some of their switches OFF.

And there is ample evidence SCREAMING AT YOUR AUDIENCE may NOT help with the ratings, or the box office.

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