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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Seeking to build ties with an economic rival, the White House said Wednesday that China would purchase $45 billion in U.S. exports, including a highly sought-after $19 billion deal for 200 Boeing airplanes.

Who wants to bet this isn't some sort of backdoor subsidy to help the Chinese create their own commercial aircraft business?

P. S. at 7:25 p. m.

The orders were already in the Boeing commercial backlog....

The Chinese were going to buy them anyway! This is paperwork on the way to a new competitor in aircraft!

P. P. S. August 31, 2009:

Stan Sorscher, who spent 20 years at Boeing before taking a post at the Society of Professional Engineers in Aerospace (SPEEA) in 2000, told me that engineers he spoke with believe that McNerney is hooked on the idea of shifting more of Boeing's aircraft development to China.

Sorscher told me that McNerney recently hosted a meeting with a group of engineers to discuss how Boeing should build its next aircraft. The conclusion of the meeting was that McNerney is comfortable with the way the 787 was developed but thinks it could use a bit of tweaking -- and he'd like to shift more of the design and manufacturing of future Boeing aircraft to China.

This would leave Boeing as a systems integrator which outsources product development to China and other countries.


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