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Friday, January 28, 2011

Speaking of the ASSPress (and NewsMAX!!!!!):

Rush Limbaugh's mock imitation of the Chinese language has stirred a backlash among Asian-American lawmakers at the state and federal level.

California state Sen. Leland Yee, a Democrat from San Francisco, is leading a fight in demanding an apology from Limbaugh.

In recent days, the state lawmaker has rallied civil rights groups in a boycott of companies such asa
[sic] Pro Flowers [sic], Sleep Train, and Domino's Pizza that advertise on Limbaugh's talk show.

During a Jan. 19 program, Limbaugh said there was no translation of President Hu Jintao's speech during a visit to the White House. He launched into a 20-second imitation of the Chinese leader's dialect.

Shortly after condemning Limbaugh's remarks, Yee says he received racist death threats to his San Francisco and Sacramento offices.

1. When PILLHEAD speaks -- morons listen! 2. PILLHEAD has trouble enough with English, especially when He uses DEMOCRAT AS AN ADJECTIVE. 3. Is a boycott of ProFlowers and Sleep Train going to help?

P. S. at 5:41 p. m. Yes, yes, we know, liberals specialize in professional outrage, but if PILLHEAD hadn't decided to incite them -- or must we go through the mind-numbing debate of the last three weeks all over again?

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