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Monday, April 11, 2011

The age reeks because it is a cartoon age. We have cartoon leaders engaged in cartoon violence over cartoon outrages, like dozens of Yosemite Sams without the humor. The GOP has a problem because cartoon characters are running for president -- that off-kilter Mormon, Dennis the Menace, Michelle, THE DONALD: they'd all fit perfectly in a comic strip, the best medium as it's been so long in decline.

Even the people who are supposed to distract us but lack the talent for it engage in their own cartooning. Why THE BOSS should counter Snooki at Rotgut -- Rutgers is beyond us -- pardon our Spanish but it's a pompous ass countering an ass with a well-developed ass. Bloviating on the "hypocrisy" of WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE DYLAN is words wasted; given how news hacks love Him I'd say He's stood foursquare with THE MAN for some time. As for TGSM -- he isn't inferior enough to warrant comment, but SI pays too well, and you never know it might need another pontificator.

So this is a cartoon age. Unfortunately, most of the people who must live in it are all too real.

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