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Friday, April 15, 2011

ANOTHER AHTSJournal imposition: Someone's written an AH-pe-RA about -- BRIAN MULRONEY, that Jay Leno lookalike to the north; and honest to God if someone didn't have to write THIS:

I felt a new emotion while watching this: sympathy for Brian Mulroney. I didn’t mind so much that Dan Redican’s script treats our former prime minister as an egotistical clown – editorial cartoonists did as much, or worse – but for Alexina Louie to give so colourful a man nothing memorable or interesting to sing seems too cruel.

Mulroney: The Opera is really a musical with operatic in-jokes....Most musicals live or die by good tunes, and there are a few in Mulroney. Unfortunately, they’ve all been repurposed from operas by the likes of Mozart, Bizet and Puccini.

When cultural anthropolgists five hundred years hence disinter the corpse of today's AH-pe-RA from its unmarked grave they'll marvel that so many people wrote in-jokes, and that so many raved about the in-jokes -- but mostly that "composers" had to steal profusely to pad their nonexistent scores, or worse, showed their lack of talent for all the world, like a minimally-endowed flasher.

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