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Monday, April 25, 2011

ASTONISHING: We were looking for articles on the decline in the rock-noise biz and came across this one just posted three hours ago that alleges SELIGISM is awash in empty seats. We thought BUD took care of the problem after erasing THE GREATEST SEASON EVER! No sport save the ATTITUDE LEAGUE more epitomizes the contempt professional sports moguls have for the rank-and-file fan, yet some teams have cut prices -- and still the attendance falls! This might be part of a pattern, sorry to say: people might think anything BIGMEDIA vastly overpriced, employing ingrates who'd as soon spit at their fan base as shake their hands, and people may be tired of a product that practically doesn't change from year to year. We see that in the rock-noise biz. We still believe the current MOVEE B. O. BOOM isn't a glitch, though we won't be sure until the TENTPOLES go up. NASCAR still has its troubles. Perhaps people can will themselves into amnesia -- the NHL's recent "success" says that, though it's all but resigned itself to niche status -- but our BIGMEDIA superiors burned too many bridges with their customers, and thankfully some of their crowd are finally seeing the charred results.

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