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Friday, April 22, 2011

"This snub is par for the course for those of us lucky to do a job that's long been derided as extraneous AND self-indulgent!!!!!" [Deriding overemphasis added]

ANN, Ann, now that you've hyperventilated you've made it all but inevitable ROCK mu-SICK cri-TICS will get the beloved P-Ulitzers -- they'll probably be the only ones to get them -- but that doesn't make the truth you accidentally uttered any less true: such cri-TICS engage in extraneous, self-indulgent work, making immortals of temporal no-talents, using up more than the God-given supply of adjectives and syllables and pretensions; but PLEASE, Ann, cut the melodrama; in time their extraneous self-indulgence will be RICHLY awarded, as it has elsewhere in the NEWS BIZ.

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