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Friday, April 29, 2011

George Soros on Koch brothers: ‘We used to be friends’

Geez, and you have so much in common -- wanting to rule the world, hating the people, trying to lock up your enemies in prisons -- why can't you three make up and be united about it?

"Wistful" P. S. at 6:35 p. m.

"The political controversy on the role of the state in the economy is raging in full force today," said Soros, "but the standards of political discourse have greatly deteriorated since then." The two opposing sides in politics "have each got hold of one half of the truth."

"Although I am often painted as the representative of the far left and I am certainly not free of political bias," said Soros, "I readily recognize that the other side is half right in claiming that the government is wasteful and inefficient and ought to function better. But I also continue to cling to the other half of the truth, namely that financial markets are inherently unstable and need to be regulated. Moreover, I am profoundly worried that those who proclaim half truths as the whole truth, whether they are from the left or the right, are endangering our open society."

Noble sentiments, George -- but they might have been nobler if you hadn't been at the center of the BUSHHITLER brigade, and if you had used your vast wealth to help build up our political smarts, instead of loudly and relentlessly dumbing us down.

And yes, that goes for your former friends too.

P. P. S.

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