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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Glenn Beck channels Orson Welles

What's this mean, Romy -- that He too can start a national panic?

And that business about War of the Worlds is apparently FALSE.

P. S. The Rev. Dr. BECK was born in 1964 -- and He "grew up" listening to radio shows first broadcast in the late 1930s? How often were they on?

P. P. S. Some have already noted the fact that Rev.'s linked Himself to a hoax -- but we might further remind our three surfers He's also linked himself to a COMMIE!

“Marc Blitzstein,” said Orson Welles in 1984, “was almost a saint. He was so totally and serenely convinced of the Eden which was waiting for us all [on] the other side of the Revolution that there was no way of talking politics to him. He didn't care who was in the Senate, or what Mr. Roosevelt said – [Roosevelt] was just the spokesman for the bourgeoisie! When he came into the room the lights got brighter. He was an engine, a rocket, directed in one direction which was his opera [The Cradle Will Rock] – which he almost believed had only to be performed to start the Revolution.”

Make a few substitutions and NUF SAID.

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