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Friday, April 08, 2011

More genius from the House of St. Jack of Valenti:

The stars appear to be enjoying themselves, even when they're recycling groaners that Mel Brooks could barely get away with back in the '80s. (Fabious: "Come be gay with me and father!" Thadeous: "But I don't want to be gay!").

When Portman finally shows up as Isabel, a warrior on her own quest, she appears to be parodying her super-serious performance in the second "Star Wars" trilogy.

At the screening I attended, there was much speculation about whether she employed a body double for a heavily CGI'd rear shot wearing nothing but a thong. (My guess: without a doubt.)

But then Mr. THUMBS® comes along and spoils it all:

One strange thing about the movie is the relentless obscenity. I don't have the slightest difficulty with the f-word or most other words, as themselves. What I don't understand is why almost every single sentence has to be filled with them. Why is that funny? Was I supposed to be “shocked”? Was it intended as daring? It's puerile.

But isn't that why the late beloved fellow zillionaire GENE invented the A RATING?

And the sad thing is this was excreted by a former EISENSTEIN. PFFFFFFFFFFFFFT!!!!!

P. S. at 4:58 p. m. If a lazy typist like Dana can wax nostalgic about a largely forgotten, vaguely amusing "comedy" of 1981 -- and especially over The Singing Android -- how will movie ad-blurbists rhapsodize over today's movies thirty years hence? The mind reels.

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