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Sunday, April 10, 2011

A photo like this reminds me of what could be in show-biz, and what today too often is, and is yet another in the endless hints that the continuing movee B. O. dropoff is more than a fluke of the schedule.

Or to put it another way, those who can "sing" can't act (we don't consider emitting technopop through your nose singing), those who can act can't sing, and those of either persuasion have no looks. We confess to daydreaming too much of a woman combining the innocent charm of the young Debbie Reynolds, the beauty and voice of the young Jeannette MacDonald, the seductiveness of MM or Liz and the flat-out sex appeal of BB or Sophia, plus being supersmart like Hedy Lamarr -- and we used to have each of those. Why not now?

While we think of it, anyone who can reel off the names of dozens and dozens of pop stars from the last thirty years almost certainly has no musical taste.

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