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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

We suspected The DONALD's campaign could be done in by financial disclosures, and here's the first. His purported grim miserliness might recommend Him to con-SER-va-tives but probably not to voters.

Of course He could have a reason: He's been saving up to run for president.

P. S.

The political press must make coverage decisions in a world with limited editorial resources. In doing so, no metric is perfect - some undeserving candidates will be elevated, while other deserving candidates won't get their due. But those should be the close cases. What we're seeing now is ludicrous. It's as if the financial ability to one day launch a quixotic, ultimately failed third-party bid for the White House itself compels the press to cover your campaign from day one.

Ludicrous is the news hack's middle name.

(First link via NEWSER!!!!!)

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