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Monday, May 23, 2011

I can't recall reading more pop-cult rave reviews than now. Their typists will rave anything and everything but they don't have the guts to say that pop-cult is better than ever. If they did they'd be laughed at to their faces. That they don't means they can write their idiot raves with impunity. It explains why some blithering NPR hack got so poutingly defensive telling the unintended truth that rock music "criticism" is "extraneous AND self-indulgent". [SIC!] Pop-cult writing is exasperating because it combines five traits I despise in news hacks: their personal intent in the worst sense of the word, which allows me to take their scribble personally in the worst way; their ignorance of show-biz history; their lack of taste couched in nose-in-the-air prose; their SYNERGY; and the fact they're looking for jobs. Any outlet that runs lots of pop-cult raves (here's looking at you, kids) very happily writes off a good chunk of its audience, and often for no better reason than that it's too old. But then any industry that has an ego bigger than Henry the K's will gladly write off an audience to bask in its own immortality. What makes it worse is that our culture was once a shining beacon to the world; those who void this constant raving malarkey think their gold-plated crap is good enough. What convinces you morons that we enjoy the non-stop puffery? This is the story of the emperor's new clothes -- SQUARED. To amplify what I said before: pop-cult ravists are a big and increasing reason our culture STINKS.

Oh, and since this post serves as a comment to this blockhead's adjectival mastery, does this woman not vaguely resemble one of the immortals the wiener so worships? You know, the one with the boobs? This is Kitty Kallen, and she sang this. And this is why I'm angry. Uh wiener, who writes Katy's, uh, songs? (By the way, wiener -- NOT pronounced "JEWEL".)

Sorry for being so intemperate but paid writers don't realize what luck they have.

P. S. on 5/28 at 12:40 a. m. An answer to that question: "Dr." Lukasz Gottwald, the Goddard Lieberson of his generation. Well, all right -- the Phil Spector. PFFFFFFFFT!!!!!

Another answer: Max Martin, from Sweden, the country that gave us ABBA. WATERLOO!

P. P. S. on 5/28 at 1:06 a. m. from Will Friedwald:

Songwriter Jimmy Webb told me about a comment he heard from Joni Mitchell: “We used to have lyricists, we used to have composers, we used to have singers, we used to have accompanists and arrangers. Now we have one person doing all those jobs and in a half-assed way!"

Will -- that's POP GENIUS!

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