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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

After his stellar stump speech in print yesterday we regard Antonin as the EDDIE!!!!! of con-SER-va-tive Republican jurisprudence: The Italian John Marshall (as He no doubt thinks) who's a bit closer to Lou Costello (whom He vaguely resembles), stalwart defender of First Amendment Rights! even as He SCREAMS to have cameras removed from the venues where he's sucking up to the rich, terror to clerks (no doubt) while dictating His opinions to a mirror, to much giggling from behind His back....

We must ask, why do we need judges? We've said it before but we call them the Nine Fingers for a reason, and they're appointed for political reasons, and their decisions are political when they don't result from lobbying. We believe more than ever these legalists should be elected, and held to the same theoretically tough ethics standards as anyone else. And upon reflection we cringe at how the late Chief Finger Hole-in-the-Throat always whined that the Fingers and their thousands of clerks were COLLAPSING under the weight of all their CASES, to which we say, why not arbitration? Why not non-judicial panels with the power of law? Why must everything be decided by pygmies in black robes?

P. S.

Sen. Ken Levine said he expects game designers to "move forward empowered, but also with a sense of responsibility." [First two words added]

Why do our superiors think they grant us a favor when they utter empty platitudes like CONGRESSPOOPS?

With luck there'll be more piracy among the hardcore.

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