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Monday, June 27, 2011

As I'm guessing was pretty well expected, the Nine Fingers struck down Ah-NULT's videogame law -- and one big reason (cursorily skimming through the legalese) is he relied on the self-appointed expert Craig Anderson, who is to videogame nuts what John C. Dvorak is to computer phreaks. Yet the Fingers have knotted themselves into yet another ideological pretzel as they've agreed to rule on broadcast indecency, which, though less disgusting than some videogames, is federally regulated, because the...

My head hurts.

P. S. at 12:38 p. m. We should note there were lots of friends of the court for corporate interests, and we know who Chief Finger Roberts loves.

In fairness this sort of thing will prove moot for these reasons: First, videogame sales are increasingly moving away from consoles and onto the Web and iPads, which means no restrictions on purchases (and in some cases no purchases); second, the blood-and-guts games have been in decline for some time, largely due to geeks and BUGS; and third, what happened to recorded...SOUND is happening to videogames, regardless of what Deutsche Bank sells -- SAYS.

Although annoyingly SOUND sales have been up of late, perhaps due to better PR stunts.

P. S. at 2:08 p. m. Bugmeisters are up four percent and nine hacks out of ten say it's because WE WIN!!!!! WE WIN!!!!! (will news hacks EVER stop celebrating?) -- and the tenth more credibly says it's because the bugs are moving up Windows 8 (just what I need).

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