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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Both sides have their favorite lawbreakers. We all know about liberals' love affair with the likes of Bill Ayers, and their silence on Muslim terrorists speaks volumes. Con-SER-va-tives do themselves no favors either by referring to Conrad Black's MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE!!!!! Given how long it's taken to get the guy to serve 42 months in prison suggests he can afford justice. And knowing con-SER-va-tives they're angry that Connie was convicted because he was RICH.

P. S. on 6/26/2011 at 12:58 a. m.

The defense argues Black was a model prisoner, noting that the accomplished biographer — whose subjects have included Franklin D. Roosevelt and Richard Nixon — helped teach inmates American history and economics; and gladly offered advice about business and other matters to prisoners who constantly approached him.

But prosecutors say the defense paints too rosy a picture of Black's prison life.

One prison employee, Tammy Padgett, claimed in an affidavit filed by prosecutors that Black had arranged for inmates — "acting like servants" — to clean and cook for him, to iron his clothes, mop his floor and perform other chores.

Another employee told her that Black once insisted that she address him as "Lord Black," after an honorary title bestowed on him by Britain, Padgett added.

The defense denied both characterizations.

1. Those characterizations we can believe. 2. They're points in his favor for con-SER-va-tives.

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