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Monday, June 20, 2011

The death of this...JACKASS and the CONCAST NETWORK PLEDGE CONTROVERSY are related -- VERY related. If THUMBS's tweet is typical there is enormous resentment over the man -- a no-talent wastrel who made millions thanks to SUMNER, and died a drunk driver, taking another's life with him. This scum is lucky he didn't take more, as drunk drivers do; had he and there'd have been no checking the anger. Such anger, we further state, is an expression of the anger over an industry that refuses to do better and makes huge profits from above-the-law CEOs.

As for the PLEDGE -- we would like to believe it was unintentional. But any business so completely in advertising does NOT do things unintentionally. And we know the superliberals who abound in it, and made His Incompetence our king. This is precisely the sort of thing Attorney General and Chief Social Engineer Effete Q. Snob might have done. One of the superliberals may have tried to make a statement. If so, he should have his head handed to him on a very royal platter.

And here's where these two stories are related -- the scum worked for CONCAST.

P. S. We know, WE KNOW, "under God" was added in 1954, but it STILL reeks.

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