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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A hard-core tech site admits that while Justice Antonin Costello had fairy tales on his side, the antis had studies.

And we have noted our strong skepticism of the social sciences before, but we suspect even they can stumble onto truth occasionally.

Much as we hate to bother with commenters we must here as this got lots of "I play violent videogames but" and "Why has crime gone down?" As to the former they've already taken out their aggressions on the movee biz; as to the latter that may have to do with octupling our police presence in big cities and to people giving birth to fewer hoodlums. One did note a connection to all those friends of the court. And then came this zinger:

I'm betting it was beneath the dignity of any of the Supreme Court Justices to actually PLAY any of the games they passed judgement on. Still, for most people to make such a decision, I think the first requirement would be to become really involved in the games. In any case I''m [sic] sure the Justices spent at least several weeks "studying" the questions about the games, just as medieval philosophers debated for several hundred years about the number of teeth in a horse's mouth....

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