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Thursday, June 23, 2011

In an outrage the AHT world is no doubt bansheeing as the greatest act of CENSORSHIP!!!!! since -- since -- since Robert Mapplethorpe got bullwhipped, The Brooklyn Museum has buckled under to CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVE NAZIS and will NOT franchise that MASTERPIECE graffiti -- pardon, AHT exhibit in LA. Never mind if the NAZIS include New York's Daily News and a member of the City Council, no, this is INTOLERANCE, INTOLERANCE of AHT, and must be fought with every SCREAM and every FOOT STOMPING TANTRUM in the AHTISTS' arsenal! Maybe they should GRAFFITI the NEWS! Or the Councilman's office! Or...

Or maybe they should shut up, because in addition to being intolerant effete snobs such AHTISTS condone criminal acts and the violent gangs that often commit them.

And count on The Church on Eighth Avenue to spread the good word. This fight may not be over.

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