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Thursday, June 23, 2011

“Men in Black III” has been a slog from the start; Production was broken into two shooting segments and filmed in two separate calendar years (starting in November of last year) to take advantage of tax rebates in Manhattan. The unorthodox schedule was also meant to allow for work on the script.

It certainly didn't make the film less expensive.

A reliable individual told TheWrap that the movie will net out at a cost of about $215 million, after allowing for all the tax rebates. That’s nearly twice the cost of "Men in Black II."

Sony would not confirm the budget figure.

The tax breaks -- New York rebates 30 percent of production costs incurred in the state -- are vital for the film. Producers needed to start shooting in 2010 in order to qualify.

TRANSLATION: GUVMENT has found another boondoggle to finance!

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