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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

NOMOTOWN, "city of 100,719 vacant parcels and three Starbucks" and a destroyed auto biz and nonfunctional schools and a government that couldn't dig its way from a hole in the ground, has found its SOLUTION: RENDELLISM! Make the city HIP, and HOT, and YOUNG, and MILLIONS will SWARM back and REBUILD THE AUTO BIZ?!?!?

Look, who doesn't want Detroit to come back? But we in Philthydelphia have tried that gag, and we have a HIP! HOT! DOWNTOWN -- and we're STILL SIXTY PERCENT GHETTO.

The idea of Detroit as a raw, creative space is getting plenty of help from outside media and art circles.

Earlier this month, BBC Radio ran a half-hour special called "Unbuilding Detroit." International photographer Andrew Moore explored the beauty of the city's abundant empty buildings for his critically acclaimed book "Detroit Disassembled."

But if the HIP! and HOT! flood NOMOTOWN doesn't that mean all these buildings get occupied, which means it loses its HIPNESS and HOTNESS, which means it's not so BEAUTIFUL anymore?

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