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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Washington Post's Jason Horowitz wrote about the Rasmussen Reports founder last June:
A co-founder of the sports network ESPN and former play-by-play broadcaster, Scott Rasmussen is an articulate and frequent guest on Fox News and other outlets, where his nominally nonpartisan data is often cited to support Republican talking points. In October, he hired his own communications director to handle the daily deluge of press calls.
Yes, we know about Ras's slant, but ROMY, you took six hours yesterday to post on that illegal-immigrant story because it didn't fit your template. You're in no position to make underhanded asides about peoples' politics. What's more, DIMWIT, you confirm the hed of YOUR story: "Survey: Voters think most reporters are liberal, try to help candidates they favor". SHUT UP, ROMY.

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