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Sunday, June 19, 2011

We imagine tomorrow PILLHEAD will be in a rage because of THIS SOCIALIST ATTACK ON FREE ENTERPRISE blahblahblah.... But if those of us appalled by this story have reason for hope it's Dean Foods's stock price the last four years. What say to that, PILLHEAD?

P. S. In this lunkhead CEO's defense his company has grown tremendously through acquisitions, "from $150 million in 1994 to $12 billion in 2010", something our intrepid reporter mentions in passing in the 46TH GRAF:

[The company] was on the Fortune 500 by the late ’70s and remains there today. It grew then and more recently through acquisition.

This is the mark of sloppy writing and indifferent editing. It is also a variant of what The Paper of Re-CORD did to the RICHLY deserving GE BANCORP by failing to note the mitigating factors in its finance unit. That said Dean Foods could have saved itself lots of grief by letting its CEO talk and not treating news hacks as trespassers. This is PR at its worst -- pardon, by the biz' standards, BEST.

And too many CEOs are still greedy SOBs, and too many con-SER-va-tives are still ready to excuse them solely for making money.

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