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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Above all, there is nothing provocative or daring in the antiheroic attitude right now; we are up to our necks in it, and to create more series in that image is no longer to fly in the face of convention but to coast along in its wake. It seems to me that the more radical choice at the moment is to look carefully at the ordinary lives of basically decent people and to tell those stories with the depth and art that animate a show like “Breaking Bad.” It’s not necessarily a recipe for success — Ray Romano’s wonderful “Men of a Certain Age,” about three normal guys at midlife, was recently canceled by TNT, but HBO’s “Treme” and underrated “How to Make It in America” are holding on. I have some hope.

Bob, you and every damned LALA hack and every other damned hack have plugged those antiheroic masterpieces without end. Why the revisionism NOW?

Clearly your rag needs more firings. It got rid of Tim Rutten, that fount of CW. Why not a few more?

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