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Friday, July 29, 2011

Biloxi, Mississippi, which thought gamb -- GAMING could save it from its deindustrialization and poverty, only to find it was still as glamorous as a certain Ghetto by the Sea, brought THE LEAKY STARCHITECT in to build it a kazillion-dollar AHT mu-SE-um. Well, surprise surprise surprise! (Did Gomer hail from Biloxi?) The BABBITTY!!!!! citizens, most of whom may actually be smarter than the geniuses who planned this production, and who thought this latest masterpiece looked like "giant crushed beer cans", aren't supporting it, and those beer cans are costing vastly more to keep ice-cold than planned -- you see, "[s]imply trying to keep the galleries below 30 percent humidity to protect art in a climate where the humidity can reach 90 percent costs thousands of dollars every month." AND the five-pack cost three times more than planned -- and it still isn't finished. Nonetheless hope springs eternal among the local RENDELLISTS, who seem to think MONEY springs eternal as well.

[T]he building and its collections have earned critical praise.

Hey you guys liked Stalin and Fidel too.

(Via the usual AHTSJournal)

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