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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Earlier this week The Econowiz made a small noise by saying the era of manned space flight was over. It was a contest launched with Sputnik between two nations, and once America won the contest in several ways so ended the need for showing off in orbit. The only rationale for manned space flight is to colonize other planets; despite her manifold flaws (too little land mass for one) our terra firma should do us fine for a while. With no need for us to colonize planets there is no need to spend zillions on what have become high-tech hi-mom moments. That His Incompetence pretty well announced the end in his inimitable downer way gives it a sour note as we know all too well he deems such things as space flight unworthy of us, and besides it's more money for His toys. That said we should continue to explore space with unmanned missions. They illumine the path for the future, though that future will most likely be for synthetic and worthless creatures tied to homo sapiens in name only. The desire to send ourselves to other planets can wait; so can the eventual need to turn the human race into something else.

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