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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

I'm supposed to care. I must not be the only one who regarded THE MURDER TRIAL OF THE CENTURY (well, it is the 21st) as background noise at best -- albeit the noise of an inescapable air force of gnats. The only reason this became an unhealthy national obsession is that cable, that full-figured anorexic of content, grabbed this gnawed-up bone by its suction-cup gums. Those who mention OJ forget that involved two people hideously murdered, a supercelebrity, a low-speed chase, a pretentiously incompetent judge, a father of his own future supercelebrities and the hacks' favorite way of dividing people by harping on race. This involved an ordinary person in a media profit center that wouldn't stop kachinging. More important things happened the nonce, on which the cable hacks wasted none of their time in order to waste ours.

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