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Saturday, July 09, 2011

Mark Steyn can be a wonderful writer. Think his ruminations on pop songs and musicals. And then he remembers he has to bow to PILLHEAD, and with his brain on automatic pilot he does write-by-numbers stuff that in so many words exonerates SLIME because nobody lost a job in the Atlanta skools. This by our reckoning is the FIRST TIME Jo-NAHdom or any other prominent con-SER-va-tive site has even MENTIONED News of the World, and now we see the soft underbelly of a con-SER-va-tive movement excusing its own favorites by denigrating its enemies.

And since Mark MUST slobber over PILLHEAD let us ponder the question: What if a SLIME came along and fired the entire Atlanta skool sistem, innocents and all? Who would replace it? And who'd bet who'd replace it would be no better than what got replaced? Precisely why people are suspicious over SLIME's motives with THE SUN.

SHUT UP, MARK, and stick to pop songs and musicals.

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