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Monday, July 18, 2011

The noises to remove SLIME from as top of the totem pole grow louder -- but we'd neglected this:

Any such move would be primarily a matter of public appearances, since Murdoch’s 38 percent share of News Corp.’s Class B voting stock effectively give him final say on everything.

I have my doubts too -- but then again no one seems to know if SLIME is a big fan of antioxidants.

P. S.

[H]e did receive one piece of good news: vocal support from a prominent board member.

Tom Perkins, an independent member of the board of directors and the first to speak out on the scandal, said the board “is fully supportive of the top management.”

A well-known venture capitalist in Silicon Valley, Mr. Perkins said the independent board members “were stunned to discover the magnitude of the scandal over the last 10 days.”

“The board did discuss this several times two or three years ago, maybe earlier,” he said. “We’ve known about the phone hacking for a long time. We were told and top management, I’m sure, believed that the early news was the whole story. There’s no reason to believe top management was lying. That’s my very strong belief.”

“We all felt it was inexcusable for sure. We paid some money out, fired some people and we thought we’d fixed it.”

Mr. Perkins was also a member of the board of directors during a scandal at Hewlett-Packard, when the high-tech giant was involved in spying on board members and reporters to determine the source of leaked information. Mr. Perkins resigned from the board when he learned of the surveillance.

He said the News Corporation situation is different. “This is not like the HP situation,” he said. “The board supports top management.”



Next time though, get your punctuation right: it's mogul's, not "moguls".

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