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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Now that news hacks are happy again today I just thought up something stupid Mr. Bew-KES could do: Pay ROWLINGCORP in PEOPLE WARNER PREFERRED STOCK to continue the series! There's no other way He could do it. Three or four billion, with further payments if the company turns out more novels. Maybe He isn't that stupid but reports this was another 3D fizzle despite its ALL-TIME!!!!!!!!!! GROSSES!!!!!!!!!! say the former Citibank "account officer" could do it, in keeping with His training.

Scott, being a good GanNETToid, saves the bad news for last:

[T]he year remains 7% behind 2010 in revenues, 9% in attendance.

Barring the answer of news hacks' -- prayers? it seems this year will not avoid ignominy, and we hope for more of it once the ALL-TIME!!!!!!!!!! GROSSES!!!!!!!!!! fade.

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