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Sunday, July 17, 2011

NRO, perhaps embarrassed when Ms. Travers came out and said what SLIME did was wrong, has kept more or less silent on Him, as before -- so now JPOD's site has taken up the cudgels and is defending Him with every cheap rhetorical trick in the book: the HE-MAY-BE-AN-SOB trick, the OUR-ENEMIES-ARE-JUST-AS-BAD trick, the THIS-IS-A-POLITICAL-WITCH-HUNT trick -- all the while blazingly unwilling to defend SLIME for what He did. If JPOD's crew had the GUTS to endorse His actions that would be one thing, though even con-SER-va-tives must know what He and His underlings did with NOTW was indefensible -- and possibly criminal, which, given their love affair with CON-nie, accounts for a good bit of their silence. I would rather they defend His actions than resort to their evasions. And they evade largely for one reason: because JPOD runs the joint, and HE STILL WORKS FOR SLIME. With each new post defending SLIME without defending Him becomes as unreadable as E. J. Dionne. This is Nixonism at its worst, and it's shameful whatever the politics -- as if partisans know shame.

P. S. As I'm sending a link to this post to these folk, five things: 1. I consider myself a conservative, but I'd be no more a knee-jerk conservative than a knee-jerk anything. 2. SLIME has become to hard-core conservatives what Michael Moore is to hard-core liberals. 3. I have called Him SLIME since His company announced it was printing If I Did It, and especially now in light of NOTW and the female scapegoats He created I am thoroughly convinced that SLIME commissioned that "book". 4. This is slowly acquiring the vague odor of what happened to con-SER-va-tives back in 1940 when they turned the other cheek to the Nazis. Not to worry, JPOD, SLIME is no Hitler; but a Web site that so prides itself on supporting Israel should not forget that sorry conservative past. At the very least it's acquiring the aura of what happened to NRO when it turned the other cheek to an airhead. 5. FOR THE EIGHTY THOUSANDTH TIME: SLIME IS NO CONSERVATIVE.

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