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Monday, July 25, 2011

Pop psychology for a pop star:

Despite her young age, Winehouse had a long history of alcohol, drug abuse, eating disorders and other health problems. Of course, abuse of alcohol, drugs and food are often symptoms of self-loathing. Even if one blessed with enormous talent (as was Winehouse with her singing voice) sometimes it isn't enough to overcome such feelings. Needless to say, Winehouse could not handle fame never mind cope with day to day living.

We wonder. Lots of young stars do "handle the pressure". The flameouts seem worse now because their lives are less private; I'd guess the tale of Judy Garland only got widespread notice with Valley of the Dolls, although the in crowd surely always knew. No, this tragedy may owe less to a lack of internal fortitude than to just being born screwy, and being in a screwy business, and especially in a screwy business that worships drugs.

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