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Friday, July 08, 2011

SLIME returns to the mother ship for God-knows-what.

It is increasingly clear the only way for SLIME to "solve" this mess is to 1. get rid of "News" Corp.'s print end in a fire sale; and 2. RESIGN and disappear from public life. God knows fifth-rate entertainment is a bad enough business but it's better than tenth-rate lying. The new owner of a rebuilt newspaper business centered on the Wall Street Journals and the Times could at least stake a claim to high quality journalism, however dubious. (The SUN and DA POST! could be sold to the foolish Daily Mail group, where they'd fit PERFECTLY. FOX!!!!!!!!!!NEWS would remain with the other side to continue with its low-grade vaudeville.) As for SLIME, we submit that He used News of the World as His own personal detective agency with free reign to blackmail, and His lockstep organization men got so carried away with their devotion it became a lawless police state within a state. And we think it WAS His idea -- just as we believe HE commissioned OJ's "memoir". That NOTW and OJ share female scapegoats gives more reason to believe -- HE did it, with NO IF.

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