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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tiring as we are of SLIME and His SYCOPHANTS, time to have a laugh -- the first time in a while -- with...ARCHDaily!

Steamrollered cadaver with blue hair!

Standing in -- a blue puddle?

Why did Nestlé build a Chocolate Museum that looks like a tribute to Red Dye No. 2?

Another I SEE YOU!

Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture Win Competition For Tallest Three-Sided Steel Pickle with a Nose Cone in the World

That's NOT what it says?

We hate to broach this but given the location -- Germany -- does this not look like a hip outbuilding at a modern concentration camp?

Was that thing on the right alive?

A condom for buildings!

Let me guess -- this place has no industry anymore!

Sorry, Mac -- a garage will always look like a garage!

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