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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

To note the hypocrisy of critics like Bernstein or the political motivations of many of Murdoch’s critics is not to excuse what happened.

No JPOD stooge, you are excusing what happened because the boss is "CONSERVATIVE." Same with Jo-NAH when he laughs over the self-righteous stupidity of reporters who turned down an acquisition from SLIME. Notwithstanding He would probably have sold or closed a paper in A DYING TOWN anyway, that was plainly an act of political pigheadedness at least equal to the sainted Grahams of KAPLAN, INC. turning down an offer from NewsMAX!!!!! for Newsweek because NewsMAX!!!!! is CONSERVATIVE. No, we are talking nearly equal and opposite pigheadedness, and exemplified by JPOD's EMPLOYER, which has treated its HERO like a corpse and all but BURIED HIM. If The Paper of Re-CORD shows the dangers of left-wing reaction, the likes of THE MAN WHO "KILLED" McKINLEY show the dangers of RIGHT-WING REACTION.

For the kazillion quintillionth time: A PLAGUE O' BOTH YOUR HOUSES!

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