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Monday, July 25, 2011

The up-and-coming loudmouth JENNIFER and "Murrow" Fallow have picked the kind of fight pundits will fight when they're looking for more newshole, a fight to see who is EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVIL. Well -- it ain't US! We're pretty sure Jennifer thinks she's always right. We know MURROW thinks he's always right. Two people are thus ALWAYS right. How many ONES are always right, let alone twos? And how many such duets can ALWAYS be right when they totally disagree? In their cry-baby behavior we see the Republic in a microcosm. Congress is dysfunctional because its 535 members are ALWAYS right. CEOs have become job-destroying zillionaires because they're ALWAYS right. Our Union deserves its ruination when it's run by people who are NEVER WRONG.

And sure enough, Jeffrey Goldberg pops up on to issue what amounts to an institutional mea culpa:

The question arises, then, why did Jennifer Rubin make this outrageous assertion about jihadism and Norway?

Well, perhaps it was because she was reading the Atlantic.

TRANSLATION: This big fight was as such big fights usually are -- for nothing except speechmaking fees.

P. S. After Fort Hood I posited a screwloose ultra-right-winger. It's impossible not to use snap judgment when extremists of all hues share the same m. o. I know one thing: on 9/11 I knew who it was. Sometimes snap judgment is right.

P. P. S. at 10:03 p. m. I'm retracting a good chunk of this because I didn't know what the hell I was talking about. Jennifer made a snap judgment, and "Murrow" Fallow screamed. This is not quite two total idiots, although Murrow is progressing to that stage very nicely and Jennifer has the stuff to make it there too if she's not careful. The next time I write about something I really should get the facts first.

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