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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

We hate repeating ourselves even from nearly two years ago but all these press releases about BIG CELEBRITIES dating soldiers and Kate in awe of soldiers remind us again of THE MASTER:

Mrs. Thrale then praised Garrick's talent for light gay poetry; and, as a specimen, repeated his song in Florizel and Perdita, and dwelt with peculiar pleasure on this line:

I'd smile with the simple, and feed with the poor.

JOHNSON. "Nay, my dear Lady, this will never do. Poor David! Smile with the simple; -- What folly is that? And who would feed with the poor that can help it? No, no; let me smile with the wise, and feed with the rich." I repeated this sally to Garrick, and wondered to find his sensibility as a writer not a little irritated by it.

However sincere these people live on another planet. Why must news hacks delude themselves into deluding the peons they care for us? (Except Kate, who does seem the real thing.)

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