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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Well, this wasn't the religion whose name should not be spoken, so we apologize for that; rather, this is Norway's version of Virginia Tech, conducted by a psychopath. Now, alas, Norway will for weeks ask itself how it can eliminate psychopaths. We've already asked that question.

And of course we can expect the hacks to play up the words RIGHT-WING EXTREMIST!!!!! (i.e., CONSERVATIVE). While never excusing anyone's politics we must remember both sides harbor psychos, and this was a psychopath more than anything.

We will probably not follow this story, as 1. It's a non-stop publicity reward for someone beneath the creatures beneath rocks, and 2. What's the point of upsetting yourself for no reason?

One question: We assume Norway has endless mindless cable "news". Who will be the Brian Williams of Norway? Or will he come from HERE as usual? Another reason not to watch cable "news".

Incidentally, modern medicine does seem to be trying to eliminate American psychopaths. Why is another matter. (Link via HENRY HONEST)

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