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Friday, July 01, 2011

WHY THE DOW WILL PLUNGE TO 7,000!!!!!!!!!! [Plunging overemphasis added]

I HATE such speculative buncombe; Doug has no more idea where stocks will go than anyone else. He can only base it on a gut feeling, the feeling that BEN and His cronies have rigged the markets for the benefit of the extremely select few, and that stocks are going higher on fairy tales. But a gut feeling is not empirical evidence, and the only empirical evidence we have is that the markets are now moving sharply higher -- albeit for no known reasons other than the perpetrators' net worth. This is as bad as any sales pitch on the BIG C, from the other side.

And the markets are not going down until (or unless) such bubbles are deflated. My speculative prediction based on LinkedIn: $40 BILLION MARKET CAP THE FIRST DAY. MORONS!

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