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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

You may recall, back at the beginning of The Recession That Hasn't Yet Quite Ended, how people spoke of a "new normal" so much they merely created a new cliché. News hacks have gone the new normal crowd one better with what they think is an innovation: "transparency". The term makes one cringe because people who like to keep secrets use the word as the first excuse for keeping them; and in the long run full transparency will be as unobtainable as objectivity, for it will depend on whose transcripts nonobjective news hacks choose to disburse, and at best it will mean so inundating readers with transcripts and ethical disclosures as to lay down vastly more tracks for the wild goose chase that is modern Web-based JERNALISM. That The Econowiz has proclaimed Mr. Wikileaks as an expert of transparency when his own leaks are highly random does not bode well for the new fad.

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