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Saturday, June 25, 2011

We'd like to amplify on our tantrum of earlier. That story was page-one worthy. But the hacks went beyond reporting to self-celebration. The scribblers should reserve true news celebrations for extremely rare instances, like our (or as the hacks would say, the United States) winning a big war (God forbid we should have to fight one). There's also nothing wrong with hacks celebrating local sports triumphs, keeping in mind they're profit centers. On the obverse side the hacks should save true mourning for revered public figures (HUGH HEFNER and WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE DYLAN will NOT COUNT) and especially big civic disasters; when an atrocity like 9-11 comes along the press serves a profound civic duty by uniting us in our grief. Nonetheless we still too well remember the shrieks of disbelief when ST. TIMOTHY OF RUSSERT died, awaiting a Second Coming that hasn't happened yet; the hacks mourned for DAYS, all the while letting us know all too well that not only were they our superiors, but ST. TIM was the superior of superiors, his career beyond mere mortality. The whole orgy smelled of the skunk of the news hack's megalomania, and so did this brief but spectacular orgy, and THAT, more than the outcome, is why we got angry.

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