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Friday, July 01, 2011

Alas we must face the galling realization the conspiracy to make our culture into Fukushima is a global one. Though poor domestic B.O. performance often dictates world receipts (but not always) we should not ignore HUGE!!!! foreign grosses, though our product is practically the only one available to locals, and it exists in a movee biz a fraction of its former self. Oh for that renaissance of the fifties when Europe exported its best to the U.S., which was too often better than ours! We suspect petty kings like PHEEEELEEEEEPE DOUGHMAHHHHHHN would gladly boast, "VEEE arrre an eenternationalll cohmpannie!" To which we say, if he wants to commit treason overseas, that's fine with us -- but why does treason have to be nominally headquartered here?

Why couldn't PHEEEELEEEEEPE have traded places with DSK? There's a man we'd love to see put through the wringer of a criminal charge.

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