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Friday, August 12, 2011

DOC-TOR KRAUTHAMMER says OUR SYSTEM WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let us not forget heavy-booted Richie Riches have more control over our government than ever. We got His Incompetence thanks in no small part to GEORGE "LET THEM ROT IN A CONCENTRATION CAMP!" SOROS; we got the Tea Party thanks in no small part to the KOCH BROTHERS. And zigzagging like Wall Street may be the sign of democracy in full bloom but it may not be the sign of a nation in good spirits. Our working system got us a health-care fiasco that hasn't been remotely repealed and an S&P downgrade (full of caveats). If this is democracy what is chaos like? "Notice how the loudest complaints about 'broken politics' come from those who lost the debate." Then why have we endured non-stop screaming from BOTH WINNING SIDES for what seems like the last three hundred years? That he's this boastful of messy democracy today makes us ask if he was so proud of it last year.

Some people have simply pundited too long. Why couldn't the Dr. have stared at his navel over yesterday's "debate"?

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