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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Few sites produce more show-biz GAS than SUPERADAM's; its favorite pastime is to restate the blazingly obvious when not being blazingly oblivious. Yesterday a female intern tiresomely bloviated over two remakes of eighties masterworks that without much need for crystal-balling proved box-office duds. Not wishing to extend the boredom we merely say for all the nostalgia over Ronnie eighties culture was a vast wasteland, which only got vaster in the decades ahead, which alone disproves the man did much other than bring down Communism.

Elsewhere said same intern with help has bloviated over the "market value" of certain female ac-TORS, and a commenter with even more time to burn assembled a list of A, B and C stars, and it does not speak kindly for the A's that they included a female version of Jerry Orbach, a woman with a highly masculine jaw, a supposed second coming of Audrey Hepburn who veers closer to Harry Langdon, and an MM impersonator. (Strangely enough Scarlett Who Can ACT was further down, and on several occasions her face has channeled Gene Rayburn's.) One commenter had to admit he hadn't heard of most of the names. This was perhaps because he hadn't heard of most of the faces. But an intern had to earn her experience, and like too many hacks engaged in a parlor game for one.

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