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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Mr. Bew-KES, who probably never heard of Green Lantern until a subordinate had to remind him it didn't do too well, has nonetheless eructed:

"It did not live up to expectations - fell fairly far short of those," Bewkes said. Still, he didn't rule out a sequel at this point, saying that he was not in a position to tell at this time if there will be one. "We will be deciding that in due course," he said. Sources had previously told The Hollywood Reporter that Warner Bros. was not giving up on a sequel.

TRANSLATION: They're enough management levels down to be harmless.

Bewkes, however, calmed Wall Street concerns about TW's plans to use superhero films from its DC arm to fill the void that will be left after the final film in the Harry Potter franchise. "I'm not concerned about DC's strategy," Bewkes emphasizing [SIC], predicting that it will be "a major contributor" of hits and franchises in the future. He pointed to a planned Superman film and next year's latest Batman release as upcoming projects.

TRANSLATION: This guy is as good at repeating talking points as a MILIBAND!

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