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Sunday, August 14, 2011

One of the Web sites we use to steal -- pardon, DOWNLOAD music has brought us some badly recorded demos of a Honeymooners musical from 1983 (it says here). You may recall the songwriters: Menken and Ashman were MICKEYMOUSE NIXON's amanuenses, writing songs for His animated features the cri-TICS uniformly called genius; but from the minute or so we could stand to listen the songs sounded sappy, and were sung sappily -- we guess by one of the writers. There was nothing sappy about The Honeymooners; and though he didn't write music The Great One did a immensely better job creating his two famous themes than MICKEYMOUSE"s hacks could do writing a MILLION cartoon features.

P. S. at 7:09 p. m. It appears only Menken wrote the songs; they still smell.

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