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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


14.03 Ed Miliband faced heckles during a walkabout in Manchester earlier, echoing the experiences of the Nick Clegg in Birmingham and Boris Johnson in Clapham. A large crowd gathered around him and his entourage as they toured the city centre. One man shouted: "All platitudes, Dave, as usual. You are all the same." Not clear whether he was mistaken for David Cameron or his elder brother, David Miliband.

Does it matter?

Oh, and...

13.43 Martin Chilton, our Digital Culture editor, reports that the launch of the Cultural Olympiad has been cancelled and theatres forced to close because of safety fears.

Going into hock for THE GAMES doesn't look so peachy now, does it.

Whatever the subatomic particles nominally running the UK now have to spend for their security will be a boondoggle in itself.

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